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“I signed-up for a Flat Fee MLS website thinking it was going to take me 6 months to make my money back but I was profitable in my first month!

Last month I got 29 listings. I get tons of referral business now too!”

29 Listings a Month!

“I have a team of agents who work the leads our website brings in.

Our Wisconsin flat fee mls website gets about 12 listings a month but some of those listings are 3.5%. I’m a very happy customer.”

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I started this Flat Fee MLS business from nothing and now I run one of the most successful flat fee sites in the country.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will people find my website? Do you help with SEO?

Yes it's included. Search Engine Optimization assistance is included with your FSBO website so that it ranks in your local market. After years of experience we have mastered exactly how to get your fsbo website to rank in Google. And we pass along the secrets to our customers.

We do all the title tags, meta tags, meta descriptions and we even optimize your personal content.
(SEO is promised to work in a local market, national customers will have to pay additional fees for seo services nationwide)

Can I launch a FSBO website if I am not a licensed Broker?

Yes, some of our most successful customers are not licensed agents or brokers.
You can launch a FSBO website for many reasons: As an advertising company with a goal to create a local marketplace for FSBO properties or as an agent to create a local real estate network or to get both seller and buyer leads. Or simply as a broker listing 'entry only' properties in the MLS for a Flat Fee.

How can I be certain this will work, I've wasted money on poor websites in the past?

Please call any of our customers and ask them.
We are the only Web Design company in the world that specializes in your industry and we know exactly how to get free traffic via SEO to Flat Fee MLS websites

Am I alone or do you offer customer service and support?

Unlimited customer service & support is included for all of our valued customers. You will never feel alone, we will never leave you stranded. We encourage that you call any time with any questions. If you're too busy or too shy to talk on the phone you can also submit a support request or shoot over an email.

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